Friday, 8 March 2013

Watching my sister ... disappear

A very unusual entry on this memorial blog, but I think and trust you will find it appropriate.

In October 2003, Mary Louise Ross Harris started to write a blog "Watching my sister... disappear", about her sister Peggy, who had been diagnosed with a form of dementia called Pick's Disease. Over the following 6 years, Mary Louise would faithfully but with deepening sadness record the progression of the disease. Her last entry on Peggy's condition was in 2009. Peggy was by that time in a nursing home. A few days ago, she was transferred to a hospice. Today, at 1pm local time, she passed away.

Although Peggy did not write the blog (she was incapable of doing so), the fact that she was blogged about for so long more than qualifies her for a special post on this site.