Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Dana Bate (DB) - The Vagabond

Dana Bate (aka D.B.) passed from this earth in the early morning hours of July 28, 2013. He had been hospitalized in Bristol, Pennsylvania for a couple weeks. Dana himself summed up his life in his Blog profile~

"I am an actor and broadcaster. I am grateful to have spent my life in the arts. Now I also write and paint. I am humbly trying to overcome selfishness, it's effects and regrets. I read history, philosophy, psychology and religion. My desire is to share what I have with the world while trying to make sense of a difficult life and enjoying the journey, no rituals, no rules, no summations."

Dana had several Blogs, they included; Vagabond Journeys, Vagabond Tales, Vagabond Jottings, Vagabond Leaves and The Brian Saga.

I had the pleasure of many phone conversations with Dana over the years and I can tell you he had a deep, rich voice... suitable for any Shakespeare play and a slight east coast accent.

Dana, D.B. The Vagabond~you will be missed.

Tribute submitted by Linda S. Shook

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Photo of Ally - see previous posting



Just heard from Guido that our J-Land and Blogger friend Ally Wells passed away on the 8th July.

She was a lovely lady and was a great support to me during my illness.  We had known each other for nine years but lost touch when J-Land fell apart and Ally struggled with Blogger and eventually could not access her blog.

I did not know she was ill so her loss has come as a shock.  Condolences to herr daughter Lyn and family.

Goodbye my friend, thank you for your friendship and sleep well.