Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Tributes 2006 and 2007

This page contains links to blogs from J-landers who passed away before this blog was started. 

One Girl's Head Noise (UK) - Pam, RIP 16 April 2006
There are no Sundays - Jim, RIP April 2007
The Diatom Project - Walt, RIP 27 April 2007
Pennie's Pieces of Ohio - Penny, RIP 1 October 2007
My Reason for Reasoning - Barbara, RIP 20 November 2007
Lahoma's Laments - Lahoma, RIP 25 December 2007
I shaved my legs for this??? - Kim, RIP 26 December 2007

Friday, 20 November 2015

Access denied, living with MS / Herrad Ford

News reached us in the evening of 18 November 2015 that Herrad Ford, who lived in Amsterdam, Holland, had passed away after a short illness. She had been suffering from multiple sclerosis for years, but it was pneumonia that eventually claimed her life. Herrad had been keeping a blog for about 9 years until last August, chronicling the effects MS had been having on her life.

Morton Lake writes: 
Another friend lost from the ravages of MS,please remember with me our dear friend Herrad,whose blog Access denied, living with MS has been an inspiration to myself and to so many others with the damn evil disease. For those of you who did not know her please visit her blog,
I first came across this blog, just after I was diagnosed. Richie her husband/carer and her were both kind enough to leave comments on my blog after I posted, especially if I was having a bad time with the MS, and Richie as a carer understood a lot of my concerns with caring for mum. Herrad succumbed to a chest infection/pneumonia aggravated by her MS - which is killed by MS as far as I am concerned.

I am deeply upset, and I ask you to remember Richie in your thoughts,and for those of you who do,prayers. Keep strong mate.Herrad was an amazing,brave lady.

Thankyou for reading, take care all, Mort 

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Sheria Reid / The Examined Life

It is with profound shock and sadness that I am writing this tribute to Sheria, whom I first encountered as "aimer" on AOL, nearly a decade ago. Until January 2015, she posted in her blog The Examined Life, in which she held American society in critical acclaim, focusing on race relations amongst other topics. Sheria latterly posted mainly on Facebook, and I was always pleased to read her take on current affairs, and American politics in particular.

A comment on her Facebook wall alerted us to the sad passing of Sheria on 1 July 2015. When she failed to turn up for work that day, she was found deceased at her home, having suffered a massive heart attack.

I never met Sheria, like I never met so many J-landers whose keyboards have long since fallen silent. Nonetheless, I was deeply saddened upon reading of her death. Our J-land community in particular, and the world at large, is a little smaller and less bright for her passing. Her wisdom and insight will be missed.

My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends at this sad time.