Thursday, 24 July 2008

Remembering Chuck

I met Chuck very early after joining J-Land.  Krissy, Val, Chuck and I had a in a buddy chat.  He was a friend immediately.  I've been reading his journal ever since.  Some of my favorites were the times he was making "chair art" in the wet parking lot of the Old Folks Home as he called it.  Chuck knew his time was short, but still told/wrote stories.  On of the most recent was a story about two little dogs:  Snap and Ginger.  We had just had a couple of puppies here and I wrote him to ask if I could borrow one of the names.  His response was an unqualified yes.  Unfortunately,  he didn't make it long enough to see a picture of our little Gingersnap.  He would have love it.  If you have not been reading  his journal, go on over and read the archives and his most recent entries.  He doesn't have to be here for you to fall in love with him.  Click here to go read:  Dribble by Chuck Ferris   Here he is on YouTube:
Chuck, we will miss you terribly.  Although your light has gone out here, your words will shine forever in our hearts. 

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Chuck Ferris

On the lst July we lost another valued member of our J-Land community.  Chuck Ferris passed away.  I did not know Chuck well but I know that others did and I do hope that someone does a memorial posting for him on here.

What I do know is that he wrote in J-Land for four years, his journal was extremely popular and very entertaining.

He will be deeply missed. 

Giving Credit

Many thanks to Jeannette and Sunny for the concept and followthru of J-Land Angels and Silent Keyboards (J-Land Angels 2). Jeanette has worked long and hard on both journals.
TY ladies, God bless.
Also, thought you might want to know the lovely Memorial Quilt Squares for the J-Landers that have passed (on sidebar), were made by Shelly (Roxy) at 
Stitched With Love. Note her logo "Roxy" on each. You might want to snag some and put them on your own side bar, if you haven't already. {{}}
Many thanks Shelly, much love and appreciation for your thoughtful work.
And thanks to Donna for her graphics on the first journal.


Below is an entry that I made on Jeannette's Journal as a comment she made to an entry for this new journal.

I started JLANDANGELS after we lost Kim. I hunted all over JLAND for a journal where we can post about members who have gone to get their ANGEL wings. There was none. So I started one. I had the idea, but not the know-how to made the journal.

I always read Jeannette's journal it was one I read daily. I liked the way her journal was. I asked her if she would do the journal. She asked a few other JLAND friends to make some tags and she made it what it is today.

Jeannette had trouble keeping it up since she had to use my screenname.She asked me if I would mind her starting a new journal under her screen name and I told her YES it would be easier for her. After many emails back and forth we have the journal you are now reading.


So with that said Jeannette I give you the BLESSINGS to you on this journal and know you will make it a great one.


Hugs and much love to you.



Here is the comment left on her journal:

I just want everyone who reads your comments to know that you do have my blessings with JLANDANGELS. I just had the idea for the journal. It was all Jeannette who did all the work on it. It has been hard on her to keep it updated because she has to do it under my screen name. It is very hard for her to be updating it.

I hope you Keep the name JLANDANGELS and put either continue or 2 after the name.

Jeannette I suggest you start a new journal under your screen name and have a link for the origanal journal be the first one under other journal. That way the one who want to go back and read their post can do so. It would be so much easier for them to do it this way.

My dear friend I thank you for the work you have done on the journal. I know this new one will be as good as the 1st one.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Starting Over - Message From Jeannette

I started out on this journal with the intention of just copying and pasting from the original J-Land Angels.  However, that has not proved practical.  Not only did every posting come out as written in my name but it was totally impossible for me to copy and paste comments.  It just did not look right and it did not feel right.

After much consultation and support with and from Sunny, it was decided therefore to make J-Land Angels 2 a totally new journal.

Sunny had the original concept of creating a J-Land Memorial and that is how the original - J-Land Angels came into being.  All of us should be so grateful to her for that.  I know she has my thanks. Credit should also be given to Sugar for making the beautiful sidebar graphics on this new version and to Shelley for the memorial quilt squares which appear on the old version and on this new one. Donna made the graphics for the original journal so I thank her once again here.

It proved so difficult to update the original journal.  It is important to keep a journal of this nature up-to-date although it is to be devoutly wished that new names are not added very often.

Please note this site has been created only for those we have lost who have kept a journal.  It is their own private space.