Thursday, 9 October 2008


I have now added the memorial quilts. I hope to put the photos on in the future but it will all take time. At least our friends are now at Blogger with us. My only regret is that we can no longer return to their journals to read. The links are obviously lost as, after the end of the month, they will no longer exist. But they will always be in our hearts. We may not be able to access their writings anymore but their memories will remain. God bless them all.

If you have some memory that you would like to post here, please email me and I will add you as a co-author. I wish I could make this blog open to everyone but we do not have that option.


Pamela said...

This is a wonderful blog!! What a great tribute to all of those Angels.
Thank you,

Jean said...

Hi Jeannette this is so lovely Jeanxx

Lori J said...

Dearest Jeannette, I had forgotten about this old "Frankie Lane" song I believe.
Although I did not correspond or know any of these folks it is so precious that you have done this in remembrance of them.
All I see are few young lives that have gone on.
We must all remember to live each day to the fullest...always to acknowledge that the good Lord knows our days he has planned for us on this old Earth and we must do our upmost to live them to the fullness of purpose that He would desire.


Lori (Alberta)

Heli gunner Tom said...

I just wish I could have met more people from J Land before AOL Journals closed down -- and now I will prob have to 'reinvent the wheel.'
I write a Blogpost, Christian Journal and also try to help disabled combat Veterans, if you care to pass that on.

Tom Schuckman
Wisconsin, USA

My URL: Heli-gunner Tom

natalie said...

what a beautiful entry Jeanette!
I'm going to eba follower! (I thought I already was!)
wonderful idea to make memorial quilts!