Friday, 5 December 2008

Sylvia Boiling

I heard that sad news only tonight that Sylvia Boiling had passed away.

She had a very popular journal on J-Land for around three years, maybe more. Her blog was Ye Old English Posy. She posted beautiful photographs and tales about the area she lived in accompanied by poems.

Sylvia had a very sick husband and was constantly worried about him and was under a great deal of stress over him although sick herself.

She never got the chance to come over to Blogger as she passed away on the 2nd May. I did wonder why she had stopped writing on her journal and now, sadly, we know why. I feel guilty that when Guido was asking for dormant blogs to be brought over to blogger, I never thought of hers. I am very sad about it because now it has been lost forever.

I do not possess a photograph of her to post on the sidebar. If anyone does, perhaps they would be kind enough to send it to me.

This was passed on to me - it was contained in an e-mail from Joan who had got this information from Cathy

We were all saddened by the sad news that Sylvia Boiling had passed away last week.Sylvia was a bright, articulate, kind and enthusiastic carer whose devotion to husband Ron was an inspiration to us all.She contributed significantly from the earliest days to North Bucks Carers; the newsletters often published her funny, witty and sometimes poignant poems that were so enjoyed by our members.Despite her own sometimes fragile health, she was a tower of strength to her family and other carers, always ready with infectious good humour to lift the mood.Our thoughts go out to her son and daughter at this sad time.

Rest in peace, Sylvia. God bless.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am so saddened to hear this news. Sylvia always had a few words of cheer to brighten any day. I will remember her with affection. May she rest in peace.
'On Ya'-ma

ADB said...

I am very sad to hear of Sylvia's passing 7 months ago. She struck me as a very courageous and witty woman, with a great sense of humour. I admired her for persevering in caring for Ron, who was so ill last time she posted, although it did exact a huge toll from her. I have found a few cached pages from her journal on Blogger, but without pictures - these were all linked to AOL Hometown which has since closed down. I'll copy some of her poetry in an entry.

Thanks Jeannette.
Sylvia, I'll always admire you, and miss you. The pain is over. Rest now and be in peace.


Joan said...

I am devastated, I had tried phoning Sylvia a few times but got no reply so I left it...... I feel so bad now. I did not get to meet Sylv in person but we had many many long and humourous chats on the phone; we cheered one another up when we were down, and we put the world to rights even if it was only in our hearts!!! Sylv was a real friend to me when I needed one and I am so sorry I never got a chance to thank her face to face. My thoughts and love to her family.

Katja said...

I have been really sad these past few days since I managed to trace what happened to Sylvia on the net. Her photos and poetry, her descriptions of English rural life and traditions were second to none. I have a few of the photos she took stored on my comp, but, unfortunately I do not have one of her.

Rest in peace Sylvia, and lets hope someone does cover your grave up when it rains!

Love, Cathy.

Aileen said...

I am in shock to hear of Sylvia passing away,did visit her journal Ye Olde English Posy, and sometimes had an email from her.
She had to cope with her Husband being unwell...but was so positive. My last memory of her, was a Housemove,which she had wanted for a very long time...and she seemed to love it there.
Rest in Peace Dear Friend

Traci said...

I didn't know Sylvia had died. How sad, I loved her blog!

krissy knox said...

My dear Sylvia, may somebody "cover your grave when it rains" as you requested in one of your funny, witty poems. And may your gave be strewn with the same bluebells you wrote about and took beautiful pictures of. I miss you, and can't seem to erase the last phone message you left on my answering machine, even though it's been on there for two years now. Sometimes I wonder why I wasn't home the day you called -- I would have gotten to talk to you before you left us. And now, lady, what would you have me do, erase the message and move on? It's so hard. Yet it's hard when I hear the message each time I play my answering machine. Just as I taught you many things, bloggy type things, like how to start a blog, teach me now, dear Sylvia, what I should do. Should I erase the message on my machine and move on -- just remembering you in a small part of my heart -- so I have room for expansion and so my weeping ends? Or shall I leave the message on the machine, holding on to you like crazy so I'll never forget you? What would you have me do, my lady? Crying now, and waiting for your answer...

+ RIP Sylvia +