Sunday, 22 November 2009

Lori / Lori's Love Tribe

Lori, from Sunshine CO, passed away this morning (22 November 2009) at 4.30 am local time, after a heroically fought battle against cancer. At the moment of diagnosis, last summer, it was already incurable.  

I have asked one of her neighbours in Sunshine, our own David, to write a tribute. This will be posted by myself as soon as it becomes available. I was not a reader of Lori's blog, and am saddened that I only came to know of this lady in the last hours of her life, probably at the moment of her death. Reading back through the journal, I will go so far as to say that a great person has been lost to the community of Sunshine, and to Jland / Bloggerville.

A more appropriate tribute will hopefully follow later.



Jeannette said...

I did not know Lori either and that is a shame. Any blogger is a loss to us all. May she rest in peace, God bless her.

Jeanie said...

May God bless Lori and keep her safe in His arms.