Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Dana Bate (DB) - The Vagabond

Dana Bate (aka D.B.) passed from this earth in the early morning hours of July 28, 2013. He had been hospitalized in Bristol, Pennsylvania for a couple weeks. Dana himself summed up his life in his Blog profile~

"I am an actor and broadcaster. I am grateful to have spent my life in the arts. Now I also write and paint. I am humbly trying to overcome selfishness, it's effects and regrets. I read history, philosophy, psychology and religion. My desire is to share what I have with the world while trying to make sense of a difficult life and enjoying the journey, no rituals, no rules, no summations."

Dana had several Blogs, they included; Vagabond Journeys, Vagabond Tales, Vagabond Jottings, Vagabond Leaves and The Brian Saga.

I had the pleasure of many phone conversations with Dana over the years and I can tell you he had a deep, rich voice... suitable for any Shakespeare play and a slight east coast accent.

Dana, D.B. The Vagabond~you will be missed.

Tribute submitted by Linda S. Shook


Jeannette said...

I did not know Dana personally but he sounds a very fine man and I am sure he will be sadly missed by many. May he rest in peace.

Gerry said...

I even had a phone conversation once with Dana. He told me I would have to call him collect for some reason, and once I got him we got so talkative we did not end it in a timely manner. I apologized to Dana, but he was a good sport and said, "Forget it." He also sent some of his very creative art e-mails. I know that Linda was very helpful to him in getting another computer, and she also asked us to send him a good word of encouragement. Dana was a very talented writer, never at a loss for words. I read his blog writings until I could not keep up anymore, he was so prolific. And he used to get such interesting comments. He lived as a functioning writer and artist right up until the end! That's the way to go. RIP Dana!

Connie said...

I hadn't known him either. Rest in peace dear man. May your journey continue

Barry Pearl said...

I knew Dana very well. Met him in 1992 in Orlando, FL where we performed together in a production of ARSENIC AND OLD LACE. We became fast and famous friends. Years later I'd turned him on to my dentist in NY who fixed his dental problems like no other had been able in previous attempts. He was forever grateful. A few years ago, I, along with his friend, Paula, made unsuccessful attempts to get him situated into The Actor's Home in NJ. He completely refused despite my efforts in hooking him up with the head honchos at The Actor's Fund, who were going to expidite matters. This all led to an estrangement which today, after learning of his passing, am truly regretting. Hug the ones you love!

Krissy Knox said...

I'm thinking about you tonight, Dana. Why tonight, I'm not sure. I really miss you. I miss our frequent talks about theology, philosophy, art, our lives, and so many other things. You helped me in so many ways. Hopefully I was there for you, too. Your blogs were so interesting. Each year I feel pain when I think about how I didn't get to you in time when you were dying; I couldn't leave because John was so sick in the hospital. We both would have come. Oh, well. I believe you are in a better place now, my friend. DB, RIP.