Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sandra Whipple-Snodgrass / Blondepennierae

Sandra, who used to blog on A Pennies Worth, passed away in December 2013. The news did not reach us until August the next year. Sandra suffered spells of ill health during the years of J-land, and suffered a brain bleed in 2010, which stopped her blogging output.

Kathy Zolla got the news:

Her grandson, Dave Snodgrass sent me a private message which landed in my other folder at the end of July (right after I wished her Happy Birthday) and I have just found it. Sandra passed away in December last year. If you stopped by to wish her Happy Birthday you may also have gotten a note from her grandson. Check your 'other' folder in messages. Since I responded to his pm to offer my condolences I've asked him about John aka BOSOX Blue on AOL-J. I know he had not been well with his MS and had been in a residential facility. I will let you know if I hear anything on John.