Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Chuck Ferris

On the lst July we lost another valued member of our J-Land community.  Chuck Ferris passed away.  I did not know Chuck well but I know that others did and I do hope that someone does a memorial posting for him on here.

What I do know is that he wrote in J-Land for four years, his journal was extremely popular and very entertaining.

He will be deeply missed. 


sugarsweet056 said...

May he R.I.P. & may his family be comforted.

pm71blackfen said...

A lovely idea Jeannette, thank you to ou and Sunny for coming up with it.  I only know of Kim and I now read her sister's journal but I can imagine it must be a great comfort to those that have lost their loved ones.  Pat x

nedmoh said...

Thank you Jeannette for giving me the link to this new journal ,its a lovely Jeanxx

specialadyfink said...

I did a farewell to our dear sweet Chuck.
Thanks for adding him here.He was so special.

link to his farewell from me

mairefish said...

How beautiful.  I cried when I saw the title, "Silent Keyboards".  How appropriate.  I will write something about Chuck in a day or two, Jeannette.  He was a very special friend.  The quilt square from Shelley is perfect, just perfect.  Oh, how I miss him, miss him so.  He was so special.  Love, Val xox

garnett109 said...

R.I.P Chuck
We Miss You