Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Starting Over - Message From Jeannette

I started out on this journal with the intention of just copying and pasting from the original J-Land Angels.  However, that has not proved practical.  Not only did every posting come out as written in my name but it was totally impossible for me to copy and paste comments.  It just did not look right and it did not feel right.

After much consultation and support with and from Sunny, it was decided therefore to make J-Land Angels 2 a totally new journal.

Sunny had the original concept of creating a J-Land Memorial and that is how the original - J-Land Angels came into being.  All of us should be so grateful to her for that.  I know she has my thanks. Credit should also be given to Sugar for making the beautiful sidebar graphics on this new version and to Shelley for the memorial quilt squares which appear on the old version and on this new one. Donna made the graphics for the original journal so I thank her once again here.

It proved so difficult to update the original journal.  It is important to keep a journal of this nature up-to-date although it is to be devoutly wished that new names are not added very often.

Please note this site has been created only for those we have lost who have kept a journal.  It is their own private space.


lsfp1960 said...

Thanks for doing this Jeannette.  I didn't know any of these people but I know there are a lot of people out there who did know & love them.  Linda in Washington state

fisherkristina said...

Thanks for doing this blog, Jeannette.


zosche973 said...

Great idea! THANX Jeanne and Sunny...~Diane~

sunnyside46 said...

I never would have thought people whose faces I have not seen would leave such imprints on my heart. Kim, so funny and so brave and Walt (sometimes known as Mal), who was always on late at night when I couldn't sleep and would get me through til morning....
I still miss them

natalie said...

I love you Jeanette!
Is this journal your main journal?
please come over, put your feet up and
leave a comment with your link!
p.s. besides
I want to ask you about the holiday in Great Britain when you honor the dead!