Thursday, 13 October 2011

Carol Martinez

It is with deep sadness that I have to report the death of fellow blogger Carol Jeanne Martinez (Carolhehe on AOL) who used to write Gypsy Paths. A year ago last August, she reported that she had been diagnosed with cancer, but the problems started as early as 2009. Chemotherapy was to no avail in the end, and Carol passed away peacefully at home on 28 September 2011, at the comparatively early age of 60. Carol was buried ten days later. A motorcycle procession was held in her honour to Plymouth WA, before her interment. Further details in her local paper (from where I link the portrait, left).

Carol, you fought valiantly against an intractable foe. I am pleased you are now beyond pain and suffering, but hope those that are left behind will be given the strength needed to cope with your loss.


LYN said...

I think I remember her Journal..very sad to read about another loss..

Kath said...

I didn't know Carol Guido,but I would like to send my condolances to all her family.May perpetual light shine upon her.Free from pain now and in the arms of the Lord..RIP Carol.
In Sympathy From Kath Motherhen

krissy knox said...

Carol, I shall always remember you for the courageous person on earth that you were. Full of such bravery, spirit, and humor. I'm glad you're going on now to a place where there is no more suffering or pain. May you rest in the arms of the Lord forever, forever rejoicing in Him and with Him. We shall miss you, but not for long. May your family in some way be comforted, knowing that you are with the Lord. RIP. krissy.

salemslot9 said...

the other day
a green balloon
tied to a white ribbon
entered our fenced yard
waited by the side door
it has the words
Jesus saves
written on it
I thought of you
thank you, Carol
love from your
Shepherd's Chapel sister