Saturday, 10 December 2011

Larry Wayland

Lori Hickgal kindly compiled this tribute to blogger Larry Wayland (moondawg on AOL) who passed away on 9 December 2011.

The old Dawg RETIRED!! No Boss, No Time Clock, No Morning Rush, No Money, etc. was his mantra for the last few years. I guess he is officially retired for the endurance. I met him via AOL journals as he was a truck like my dad. A bond of common interest. I soon found out he was much much more that that early bond. He was a loyal good supportive honest trustworthy friend. I shall miss my sounding board who gave ear to my grievance. We also over time grew to lend support as our mothers were both failing not only in body but age. His mother left him in March of this year. He has now Joined her. He had survived major heart issues last year in Nov and fought his way back from near death. I guess to get his mom thru her final days and be there for me after the death of My Grandson from SIDS. .

Former long-haul OTR trucker (11 yrs); Automobile Technician (12 yrs); Restaurant Manager (3 yrs); Played guitar in 2 bands that never went anywhere.

He had said of himself he was a Lifelong history buff. Unpublished writer and frustrated journalist. Other than the time in J land I did a tag team story book. He could take a story some place you never expected it to go. He was great at coming up with a story line that was unsuspected. You can still see some remnants of that here on Wayback time machine A JournallandNovel

He had a journal on AOL under the name of Moondawg for a journal he labeled Moondawgs parking lot. Here is the web archive for that. Moondawgs Parking Lot

He has as many of us did moved to Facebook to begin connections all over again. I know this world is sorely missing a blessing by his passing yet Heaven gained another star! Im sorry some did not get to meet him and others never got know him. He was a friend of all time and gentleman in the sincerest for of the word.
The online guest book can be found at this site: Guest Book


Jeannette said...

I was so sad to hear that dear sweet Larry had passed away. I'd known Larry for some years on AOL journals. Lori put me in touch with him as he had suffered with ulcerated legs same as me. He generously gave me good advice on treating them. I loved his stories in his journal about life on the road. I was also in touch with his mother who was, like Larry, a wonderful person. So now it's time to say goodbye to another dear journaller. I know you're gonna be sorely missed Larry, bless you for being the kind sweet man you were, a true gentleman. Rest in peace Larry. xxxx

Solitary Dancer said...

Larry is the sweetest man I've met in a long time. We met on AOL in J Land. Then we migrated to other places on the internet. We shared time together via video chat. We came to be good friends. Somehow, I knew I could count on him.

Two days before he passed away, I asked him if he was OK. He had been too quiet and that wasn't like him. He told me I was a worry wart. I guess, I really wasn't.

I miss him and will always miss the back and forth banter we had going on current event. Larry was a stockpile of information and we could talk for hours.

He was and still IS one of the few good guys.

Rest in sweet peace, my friend!