Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Frances Lawson

Frances Lawson has passed away this morning, at 6 am. Her granddaughter, Krysten, who kept us up-to-date over the past few weeks and months, announced the sad news today.

Frances was a kind and thoughtful person, who was part of the J-land community in spite of not being a blogger. She would comment, be in touch by email and for those in the States even by phone.

Last October, she was diagnosed with cancer, and in spite of chemotherapy, it spread rapidly. Latterly, it affected her to such an extent that she was unable to live independently, and her care was taken on by the hospice in Pittsburgh, Texas. This morning, she was granted blessed relief, as the expression goes, and passed away out of pain and suffering.

My short tribute does not really do Frances justice, as she had a positive influence on the lives of so many. As her Facebook account is now deleted, I do not have a portrait.  But the image that was on her FB account remains with me, and will always.

Frances, rest in peace. Although we did not meet in life, we may yet do beyond.

A bright star has gone from the Lone Star state.


Addition: this photograph shows Frances and her husband, the late Donald Sr Lawson.
Picture supplied by granddaughter, Krysten.


Kath said...

I was deaply saddened by this devastating news today Guido.May perpetual light shine upon Dear Frances.She truly made me feel as though I had known her all my life in such a short time.RIP.Frances dear Friend.Kath Motherhen xxx

Robin said...

Guido, her granddaughter Krysten has promised me a couple of photographs...ones of her before the chemo. When I get them if it's okay with Krysten I will share them with you. She was an incredible friend to me, she showed me and my family an enormous amount of love and kindness. I am completely devestated by this but hold onto the fact she is no longer in pain and she's home with her husband she loved so much.

Sybil said...

Thank you Guido...another friend gone from us.... I am so so sad.. She was such a good friend,
R.I.P. my dear Frances


Sandisan said...

Frances was a lovely lady and interacted with so many of us she will be sorely missed. It is comforting to think of her reunited with her loved ones in a much better place....

Adirondackcountrygal said...

She was such a big support to me as I struggled with cancer last year. God bless Frances and her family. My sympathies..

krissy knox said...

Frances did so much for the community. Sandra, RIP.

Jeannette said...

Sleep well Frances

Linda's World said...

Frances, I think of you often and miss our fun phone conversations. Thankfully, there's a lot of us that have FB contact with your delightful grand daughter Krysten.